Funeral in Berlin

Raedwald anticipates today’s fiasco in Berlin: 

Cameron is in Berlin today to attend the funeral of his own words. Such brave rhetoric about using the UK’s veto to wring fundamental changes out of Europe, the naive hope that the Euro 17 would give way before our shiny-faced boy, even a referendum over treaty changes, perhaps. Nein, Nein, Nein. No veto. No treaty changes for Britain. And no referendum. They won’t permit it. 

Of course it doesn’t help that Cameron still comes across as a dilettante playing at politics; gravitas and the mantle of Statesmanship elude him. In opposition to our lightweight, Merkel is about as heavyweight as a Tiger II. And Germany takes this crisis deadly seriously, almost as an existential matter, and is prepared to play as hard and dirty as it takes to win. We’re not. The entire German civil service is ideologically committed to a federal EU and every ounce of their talent and commitment is being thrown into this battle. Our own civil service is also at heart pro-EU, and no lights will be burning late in Whitehall to counter German moves. The ammunition they will feed Cameron will be dud. They really don’t care – all Cameron needs to do is enough to assuage domestic discontent. Silly words will do.

 Please be sure to check out the brilliant cartoon with which Raedwald’s post is illustrated.


H/t: EU Referendum

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