Gingrich on Cain’s Rise

Out in Iowa, Newt Gingrich analyzes the Cain phenomenon:

“Herman has two challenges.  And he’s very likable, and right now, I think frankly, he may be psychologically the frontrunner, even past Romney at the moment. But what that does, is it suddenly changes what the game is. The game isn’t ‘gee, you’re interesting,’ the game is ‘wow, you could be President.’  Well, the yardstick is a lot tougher for ‘you could be president.’ I think his two challenges are that he developed a great slogan 9-9-9. Now, people are asking, what is the policy behind the slogan? And it’s getting pretty complicated.  I think he almost needs to stop, spend some time in a room, get it thought out, get a couple of people, sort of be a murder board, take it apart and make sure that he has really deep answers, because the presidency, unlike say running for the Congress or running for Senate, the presidency, you’re going to be under a merciless grilling. The second is, when you’re a speaker, in the sense of public speaking, you can pick your topics. When you’re a would-be president, every topic picks you. Whatever happens this morning is the new topic. So, you have to have the ability to get briefed, very fast. Ideally, you should know a fair amount going in. And I think one of the Republican weaknesses has been that we rely too much on consultants and too much on talking points. And we don’t rely enough on actually knowing things. If you’re going to lead the country and change history, you had better know a heck of a lot before you start, because there’s not much time for learning on the job. And as Obama’s proven, youth and inexperience are interesting, but they can also be a disaster.”

More from CBN’s David Brody here.

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