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Gingrich Goes on Offense

On her radio show this morning, Laura Ingraham pointed out to Newt Gingrich that he was much more subdued in last night’s debate than he had been in previous debates. After Ingraham played a clip of Mitt Romney’s response to the question about what he had done for the conservative movement, Gingrich replied:

It verges on hysterical. Mitt Romney has never done a single thing to further the conservative cause. In 1992 he gave money to Democrats, not Republicans. He voted in the Democratic primary for Paul Tsongas, he said he didn’t want to go back to the Reagan-Bush policies. He said he wouldn’t sign the Contract with America. Now this is a guy who frankly was a liberal, who ran to the left of Teddy Kennedy in 1994.

When Ingraham noted that Gingrich’s answer suggested he might be more aggressive in Thursday night’s debate, he replied:

Right, but last night I thought it was useful to let people see how desperate Romney is and how his newt attack debate coach had taught him to say dishonest things in rapid fire in order to set up the stage. I think you’ll fine Thursday night we’ll do just fine.

Listen to the interview below, starting at 8:07.

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