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GOP Rep: Duct Tape Candidates’ Mouths

At Heritage Action event today, Republican representative Phil Roe suggested the party can’t go too far to keep its candidates from making career-ending gaffes.

“I suggest when we nominate people,” the Tennessee congressman said, “we give ’em a roll of duct tape to put over their mouth so that they don’t say stupid things, and maybe we can win an election!”

The GOP, he said, should have won three or four Senate seats in 2012 (it lost two seats instead). He’s optimistic the party can take six seats this November to regain control of the upper chamber.

Roe took the jab about candidates’ foot-in-mouth moments while speaking on a health-care panel at the Heritage Action Conservative Policy Summit. It was a short detour into the political, as most of the conversation was policy-oriented.

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