Gowdy Galvanizes House with Passionate Speech

Trey Gowdy drew repeated applause as he delivered a rousing floor speech during debate of the ENFORCE the Law Act.

Citing delays to Obamacare, selective enforcement of immigration laws, and recent policy changes to drug laws, the South Carolina Republican urged his colleagues to recognize the constitutional requirements the president is ignoring, and support the bill that would hold him accountable.

“What are we to do when this president, or any president, decides to selectively enforce a portion of a law and ignore other portions of that law?” Gowdy said. “What are we to do when a president nullifies our vote by failing to faithfully execute the law?”

“How do we explain waivers and exemptions and delays in a bill passed by Congress and affirmed by the United States Supreme Court?”

The bill, which passed 233–181 on Wednesday, would give Congress the standing to file a lawsuit against the president if he fails to uphold his constitutional responsibilities of enforcing laws.

Gowdy referred to Congress’s low approval ratings, and said perhaps if the body reclaimed its authority, it would raise its standing among the American people.

“The House of Representatives does not exist to pass suggestions, we do not exist to pass ideas,” he added. “We make law.”