Are Budget Cuts the Best Way to Address Campus Leftism?

In North Carolina, Republican lawmakers are looking to hit the UNC School of Law with a significant budget cut, clearly aimed at the far-left antics of former dean Gene Nichol and his intellectual allies. But, asks Frank Pray in this Martin Center article, is that a sound move?

Will such budget cuts “teach them a lesson” and lead to a lessening of leftist activism? Pray says that probably won’t happen, citing instances where retaliatory budget cuts have been done in the past. In fact, this approach might backfire, by giving the progressives more ammunition to attack the GOP as anti-education and just plain mean.

A better idea, Pray argues, would be to try catalyzing more intellectual diversity by creating programs that would bring more balance to law schools (and universities in general). For example, the University of San Diego Law School started a Center for the Study of Constitutional Originalism a few years ago.

I think that Pray, who will enter UNC Law in the fall, makes a good case.

George Leef — George Leef is the director of research for the John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy. He holds a B.A. from Carroll College (Waukesha, Wis.) and a J.D. from ...