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Hillary Brought This on Herself

Lanny Davis is out with a new book blaming James Comey for Hillary’s loss. He was on Morning Joe hawking it. Joe Scarborough made many sensible points about how Comey’s mishandling of the Clinton affair (I’m referring to the server and emails scandal; one must be specific given that it’s the Clintons) messes up the narrative that the FBI was out to get Trump, but it fell to Mika Brzezinski to get to the heart of the matter.

I don’t have direct quotes, but the gist was: Hillary Clinton brought this mess on herself.

I was probably too easy on Comey at the time of the Clinton emails investigation, but the core of my argument remains valid: Comey was put in a ridiculous position. Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified material was simply indefensible. If she had played by the rules — rules that have landed people in jail for lesser offenses — Comey would never have been in a position to mishandle her case.

For nearly a half century, the Clintons, individually and as a team, created one mess after another and then counted on others to clean up after them. Maybe there were people in the FBI in the tank for the Clintons. Maybe Comey screwed up. Maybe he cost her the election. Maybe maybe maybe. Those are all interesting questions or tiresome squabbles. But none of it changes the fact that this entire mess was created by Hillary Clinton — and the Democratic party itself, which has proved itself incapable of quitting the Clintons.

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