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Hillary Collapse 2.0 Is Now Underway!

From the Tuesday Morning Jolt:

Hillary Collapse 2.0 Is Now Underway!

On the other side of the aisle, the Democrats are speaking more openly about the fact that they’re losing their minds:

In her speech Monday at Drake University, Clinton – as she has done at appearances all over the state – rattled off a laundry list of programs she’d enact as president. But Sanders scored big with younger voters – 70 percent of those under-30 backed him – on the strength of his simple message of change. One Sanders precinct captain summed up the difference while rallying the troops: “Vote your heart, not your mind.”

Don’t let any Hillary fan tell you this wasn’t a collapse. She was ahead by 12 in mid-January. She came out last night for a not-quite-victory, not-quite concession speech decked out in blood red and glaring angrily and hard in her tone. If I were Bernie Sanders, I might call Ken Starr to see what’s coming my way.

Subtext of that look: “You will all suffer for this insolence.”