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Kevin Williamson argues that blaming the remnibi for our economic problems is a harmful canard.

Jay Nordlinger improvises on Senator Levin, narrow misses of the Titanic, and Teddy Roosevelt’s grammatical gaffe.

Thomas Sowell thinks that judges who behave like politicians can be voted out like politicians.

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann urge Republicans to ensure that states sunk by profligate public-sector unions never get bailouts.

Mona Charen suspects that, through arrogance and alienation, Obama has lost the means to recover popularity — but Republicans could do it for him.

Piotr Brezezinski asks Republicans to draw inspiration from the British Conservatives’ success in promoting fiscal austerity.

Dennis Prager notes the difference between the citizens of California and the passengers on the Titanic: the latter didn’t vote to hit the iceberg.

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The Gun-Control Debate Could Break America

Last night, the nation witnessed what looked a lot like an extended version of the famous “two minutes hate” from George Orwell’s novel 1984. During a CNN town hall on gun control, a furious crowd of Americans jeered at two conservatives, Marco Rubio and Dana Loesch, who stood in defense of the Second ... Read More
Film & TV

Why We Can’t Have Wakanda

SPOILERS AHEAD Black Panther is a really good movie that lives up to the hype in just about every way. Surely someone at Marvel Studios had an early doubt, reading the script and thinking: “Wait, we’re going to have hundreds of African warriors in brightly colored tribal garb, using ancient weapons, ... Read More
Law & the Courts

Obstruction Confusions

In his Lawfare critique of one of my several columns about the purported obstruction case against President Trump, Gabriel Schoenfeld loses me — as I suspect he will lose others — when he says of himself, “I do not think I am Trump-deranged.” Gabe graciously expresses fondness for me, and the feeling is ... Read More
Science & Tech

Set NASA Free

The Trump administration has proposed shifting the International Space Station from a NASA-exclusive research facility to a semi-public, semi-private one. Its plan would nix all government funding for the ISS by 2025 and award at least $150 million per year to NASA to help with the transition. This would be a ... Read More