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NRO hosts a symposium of economists and budget experts debating whether to raise the debt ceiling.

James C. Capretta catches liberal Democrats in a knot: They were for many of Paul Ryan’s health-care proposals before they were against them.

Brian Bolduc talks to senator-cum-investment banker Phil Gramm about the U.S.’s economic outlook.

Fred Thompson observes the famous lie getting halfway round the world, and into the WaPo, before he ever put Gucci loafers on.

Conrad Black recounts the long history of bias in the media, and isn’t surprised they have lost the public’s trust.

Victor Davis Hanson pokes more holes in the “tax the rich” platform.

Clifford D. May remains baffled that the U.S. would even consider giving Russians “red-button” rights.

Christian Schneider follows Paul Ryan around Wisconsin as he makes his case to town halls.

Michael Barone teaches Tax Law 1 to Pres. Barack Obama, to show why taxing the rich won’t work.

Mark Krikorian discerns a trend in a failed, would-be expose of an immigration restrictionist.

David Kahane imagines a musical starring Lil’ Barry.

Jay Nordlinger improvises on McCarthyism in rhetoric, life (such as it is) in North Korea, and much more.

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Film & TV

Why We Can’t Have Wakanda

SPOILERS AHEAD Black Panther is a really good movie that lives up to the hype in just about every way. Surely someone at Marvel Studios had an early doubt, reading the script and thinking: “Wait, we’re going to have hundreds of African warriors in brightly colored tribal garb, using ancient weapons, ... Read More
Law & the Courts

Obstruction Confusions

In his Lawfare critique of one of my several columns about the purported obstruction case against President Trump, Gabriel Schoenfeld loses me — as I suspect he will lose others — when he says of himself, “I do not think I am Trump-deranged.” Gabe graciously expresses fondness for me, and the feeling is ... Read More
Politics & Policy

Students’ Anti-Gun Views

Are children innocents or are they leaders? Are teenagers fully autonomous decision-makers, or are they lumps of mental clay, still being molded by unfolding brain development? The Left seems to have a particularly hard time deciding these days. Take, for example, the high-school students from Parkland, ... Read More
PC Culture

Kill Chic

We live in a society in which gratuitous violence is the trademark of video games, movies, and popular music. Kill this, shoot that in repugnant detail becomes a race to the visual and spoken bottom. We have gone from Sam Peckinpah’s realistic portrayal of violent death to a gory ritual of metal ripping ... Read More