I Did It My Columbia Journalism School Way!

Michael Cooke was my editor at The Chicago Sun-Times for many years, and a genial enough cove as editors go. He’s now at The Toronto Star and, for reasons not entirely clear, has been honored with something called the “Excellence in Journalism” award. Accepting his prize, he said:

Is journalism 100 unpaid bloggers all talking and yattering at once, or a city filled with amateur citizen journalists uncoordinated in all their efforts? Those bloggers and citizen reporters are as close to real reporters as karaoke is to Frank Sinatra live and in person.

The Toronto Star or The Chicago Sun-Times – or The Miami Herald or The Minneapolis Star-Tribune – as Frank Sinatra? Oh, come on, don’t scoff. There’s your 2010 Association of Newspaper Publishers gala cabaret right there:

And now the end is near

And as I face the final curtain…

As for Michael Cooke’s observations on bloggers and citizen journalists, as Frank almost said, you’ve got under his skin.

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