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Inside the Virginia Numbers

Looking at the exit polls from Virginia, a few things to point out:

Obama is leading in every geographic area, with the exception of the southwest. 

McCain is winning big with white evangelical Christians — 78 to 21.  Problem is, they make up only 27 percent of the electorate.  Among those who do not identify themselves as evangelicals, Obama is winning 66 to 33.

Obama appears to be winning with every level of education.  Among high-school graduates, 57-42.  Among some college, 55-43.  Among college graduates, 52-47.  Among graduate study, 54-45.

Obama is up in most income groups.  Among the six percent of the Virginia electorate who make less than $15k, Obama leads 81-17.  Among those who make between $30k and $50k, the lead is 56-43.  Among $50k to $75k, it’s 57-43.  Among $75-$100k, it’s 51-49.  Among $100k to $150k, it’s 50-47.  Among $150k to $200k, McCain leads 56-43, and among the seven percent of voters who make more than $200k, McCain leads 51-49.

Byron York — Byron York is is the author of The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy.

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