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Iran News Round Up

(Thanks to Ali Alfoneh for his assistance in compiling)

Nuclear Issue

  • Ahmadinejad: “The U.S. National Security Estimate is a victory for the Iranian nation and the defeat of bullying powers.”
    • Ahmadinejd: “The enemy does not fear our nuclear program, but the unity of our nation… Some forces inside the country follow the line of the enemy.”
    • More, in English.
  • Larijani: “Publication of the National Security Estimate in the United States was not against the will of the U.S. president or because of the infighting between the Republicans and the Democratic party… The U.S. is in a crisis of truth, it needs to gain some respect by telling the truth… It wants to leave the impression that their political decisions are based upon a correct intelligence estimate. If the intelligence estimate changes, there is also a change in policy… On the other hand the report is a precaution against the ’Zionist Lobby’ in the U.S. which aggressively pursues a war against Iran. This report gives the U.S. president some quiet… Finally, the report is in line with the 5+1 Group and nicely fits into the analysis that pressure against Iran works.
  • Chairman of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of the Iranian parliament: “The report is produced to rob Bush of excuses to attack Iran.”
  • Qodratollah Ali-Khani, member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of the Iranian parliament: “The National Security Estimate report does not exclude new sanctions against Iran…The conspiracies against Iran will continue.”
  • Hamid-Reza Tarraqi of Mo’talefeh believes that the National Security Estimate is a prelude to U.S. retreat from its “known hostile positions against Iran.”
  • Mohammad-Ali Ramin, German-born advisor to Ahmadinejad: “Simpletons might interpret this report as the forward to negotiations with the United States, but we must stand firm… The report is the attempt of the pragmatists in the U.S. to correct the extremism of Bush.”
  • Iranian analyst Ali Montazeri warns against Iran welcoming the National Security Estimate. “This is trap… The U.S. wants the Islamic Republic to recognize having had nuclear activities and ambitions prior to 2003.”
  • Another Iranian analyst, Ali Khorram, considers the U.S. Army to be the main force behind the National Security Estimate, because of the “inability of the U.S. Army to deal with the Iraq crisis.”
  • Donya-ye Eqtesad writes that the U.S. president has lost the battle for public opinion because of the National Security Estimate.
  • Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov: No proof of past nuclear program.
  • Iran calls on U.S. to drop sanctions.


Economy and Trade


  • Spokesman of the Iranian government: “Those who criticize the President’s visit to [Gulf Cooperation Council Summit in] Doha do not fully appreciate the importance of strategic relations of Iran in the region.”
  • Foreign Ministry Spokesman: “Bilateral negotiations are the key to solving the island dispute between Iran and United Arab Emirates.” 

Human Rights and Labor

  • Makvan Moloudzadeh to be executed for a crime he committed at the age of 13.


  • University entrance examinations to be abolished in four years.
  • Ayatollah Mesbah-Yazdi stresses Islamization of the universities in his meeting with the Minister of Higher Education. The Minister of Higher Education refuted rumors on “ideological cleansings” and “cultural revolution” at the universities which has resulted in “cleansing of the universities from older professors.” The minister stressed: “The salary is better elsewhere. They have done it voluntarily.” 
  • Amir Kabir University closes officially due to lack of electricity but government apprehensions about Student Day rumored to be the real reason. 


  • Iran and Oman sign a memorandum of understanding in bilateral military cooperation.

Picture of the Day

  • Supreme Leader meets head of the judiciary.
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