Israeli Ambassador: Murderer of Palestinian Teen Won’t Be ‘Hailed as Hero’ in Israel

Israeli ambassador Ron Dermer on Sunday confirmed the arrest of a suspect in the murder of a Palestinian teenager in an apparent retaliatory attack for the murders, at the hands of Hamas, of three Israeli teens whose bodies were discovered last week.

In an interview with Fox News’s Shannon Bream, Dermer sought to underscore that despite the retaliatory nature of the tack, there is no equivalency between the nature of Israeli society and Palestinian society.

The Israeli perpetrators, Dermer said, if they are Jews, “will not be hailed as heroes by Israeli political leaders, there will not be public squares in Israel that will be named after them, little schoolboys and schoolgirls in Israel will not emulate them as heroes, and that’s exactly what we have on the Palestinian side where you have terrorists who are hailed as heroes by political leaders of the Palestinians, public squares named after murderers, children who learn to emulate murders. That’s the difference between our societies and it’s a difference we should never forget.”

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