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‘It’s just my opinion… It’s whatever… I’m just putting it out there’

Charles, re that OWS protester who wants his college tuition paid because he wants his college tuition paid, it would be fascinating to know which particular academic institution educated him to such a lethal degree of intellectual reasoning.

That’s the problem right there: Most functioning education systems can turn out a solipsistic dope with no cognitive skills by about Sixth Grade and for a few thousand dollars. Only in America does it take till Grade Eighteen and a quarter-million bucks.

The Boy Genius opined: “I think these billionaires are getting a lot of money just out of greed…”

Almost right. Try looking at college costs vs the general rate of inflation over the last 30 years, and then replacing “billionaires” with “deans of admissions”. It’s just my opinion… I’m just putting it out there… Whatever…

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