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Jonah Goldberg: Corporate Communist

The amateur reviewers on Amazon are mostly raving, but occasionally ranting, about Jonah’s new book, The Tyranny of Clichés. While it has racked up a bunch of five-star reviews, some of the cliché-ridden one-star rants might be even better candidates for an inside-cover blurb on the next reprint:

– “Mr. Goldberg is the ultimate kettle calling the pot black… He is the ultimate Freedom Fighter who wants to destroy our freedoms.Mr. Goldberg is unfortunately the price we must pay for Democracy.” [Just $16? What a bargain!]

– “Jonah Goldberg has made his fortune by being a rabid, non-stop manure-slinger for various conservative organizations… [T]he republican party is the party of all-out furious, maniacal manure slinging… highly skilled at their uniquely republican style manure slinging, deception and misdirection.” [Just who is slinging the manure here?]

– “Yet another childish, incoherent rant by a corporate communist.”

Of course, most of the negative reviewers don’t seem to have made it past the dust jacket, which is about par for the course for a conservative book on Amazon. One user even titles his one-star evaluation, “Review of title only”:

“Tyranny? Cheat? Those are loaded words. Billions, yes with a B, have been spent by conservative think tanks over decades to see what resonates with human emotions because neuroscience has discovered the huge role that our emotions play in our thinking.“

Even more strangely, another one-star reviewer uses the headline “good book” and then admits “I did not read the book. . . . I cannot rate the book because i did not read it yet.”

Almost all of the real reviews are positive, but you’d have to be a manure-slinging, freedom-fighting, corporate Communist to believe them.

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