Jordan’s Fight


The RSC chairman chats with NRO:

Jordan says it’s time to get serious. “Gimmicks, commissions, kicking the can down the road — we will oppose all of those things,” he adds. In the final days of negotiations, he says, “the idea is to win.” He sees the competing agendas as roadblocks to the balanced-budget amendment. If Republicans really want to champion it, they should help “build the case with the American people, enough to get Democrats to come over and help us pass the balanced-budget amendment with a supermajority,” he says.

“That’s our strategy at the RSC,” Jordan says. “We want to get the win now.” If a debt-limit accord without a balanced-budget amendment is proffered, the same bloc that opposed the Boehner–White House spending deal, he says, will rally in opposition. “Potentially, I think there could be that many or a lot more,” he says. “We are trying to build a big number.”

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