Krauthammer’s Take: Apple’s ‘Grandstanding’ on FBI iPhone Demand Is ‘Deplorable’

Apple refusing to help the FBI crack the San Bernardino killer’s encrypted iPhone is like having the key to a serial killer’s locked address book but not turning it over, Charles Krauthammer said tonight.

“The grandstanding that Apple is doing I think is deplorable,” Krauthammer said on Wednesday’s Special Report

Krauthammer offered his own solution to resolve the impasse: “What you do is, you go to Apple and you say, ‘Look, you take this, you take this one phone, you open it wherever you want, in some secret lab, underwater, off the Pacific Isles, all we want is the information. If you like, you can incinerate the phone after all this is done — give us the information.”

“And I do think in my more cynical moments — which is almost always these days — that this in fact is a great advertisement for the security of Apple,” Krauthammer continued. “The world now knows that for two months the most sophisticated investigative agency of the United States has been unable to get into a private iPhone. That’s quite an advertisement.”