Krauthammer’s Take

From Monday night’s Fox News All-Stars.

On President Obama’s announcement of a tax cut deal Monday night:

I was struck by the tone and by the audience. This is ostensibly a speech to the American people. It was actually a speech addressed at Daily Kos, the New York Times, and MoveOn. This was a speech that was rather partisan.

Interestingly, it’s about the first agreement and supposedly the first step in a new era of comity in Washington, but it was quite partisan. He attacked the Republican ideas, he said he disagrees with them strongly but he had to compromise.

This was a speech aimed at appeasing the left, which is extremely angry over this … Generally when you get a deal like this, [the president] mentions the opposition and the leaders and he thanks them, and he says how wonderful it was entering into these negotiations and reaching agreement. I didn’t hear any of that, which is odd for the first step on a new kind of tone in Washington. …

The big winner is candidate Obama in 2012. He has just negotiated a huge fiscal stimulus in 2011 that’s going to help and pump the economy in 2012 — and he will need it.

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