Krauthammer’s Take

From Friday night’s Fox News All-Stars.

On recent news about a potential Mitch Daniels 2012 presidential candidacy:

The fact that the election will revolve around economics and the budget helps Daniels. In fact, it is going to be all the more about economics and financials because of the bin Laden raid, because that insulates Obama a lot on foreign affairs and it also insulates him a lot on the leadership issue.

Even though it [taking out bin Laden] won’t show up in the polls after the bump is diminished, it will remain as something that will be subliminally in mind of the electorate.

The problem that Daniels is, I think, he wants to run and the family doesn’t. This indecision is not helping him. You can play Hamlet for a month or so, two months. But in six months you have to end the [play’s] run. …

If there is a strategy [to deal with the issue of remarriage to his wife], perhaps it is — roll it out and see how the reaction is. See how vicious or forgiving people are. That would be an indication to whether it would be intolerable if he did a full-out run.

On whether Republicans feel emboldened when it comes to making demands in exchange for voting to raise the debt ceiling:

Absolutely. And the polls showing that … almost half of Americans don’t want to raise it under any circumstances whatsoever, cuts or not, really strengthens the Republicans’ hand. So there is nothing in public opinion that would support a Democratic idea of a clean bill. …

What McConnell wants to get are cuts in the next year or two, which will lower the baseline in future years. And there will be real cuts essentially repeated year after year if the baseline is lowered.

On Ron Paul announcing another run for president:

When you watch him, he has this irresistible oddball charm. And he’s an important figure because libertarianism is a very important strain in our politics and our history. But he’s not a serious presidential candidate because libertarianism is not a governing ideology.

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