Krauthammer’s Take: Obama ‘Too Little, Too Late’ on ISIS — ‘As Usual’

Does the United States have a strategy to stop the Islamic State in Iraq? Charles Krauthammer is doubtful. Quoting the head of intelligence and security in Kurdistan, Krauthammer said on Fox News’s Special Report Monday evening that Obama’s actions are, once again, “too little and too late.”

“Had we done this a few months earlier, we wouldn’t have the threat of genocide. [The Islamic State] wouldn’t be in Kurdistan,” he said.

“‘Don’t do stupid stuff’ apparently is what [President Obama] believes in,” said Krauthammer. But, he said, it’s “stupid” to go into Iraq “halfheartedly.”

“If we’re going to [intervene] now, we have to do it seriously — through the Pentagon and openly supplying the Kurds,” he said.