Krauthammer’s Take: A Republican Senate Should Pick Through Obamacare ‘Wreckage’

As GOP looks to regain the Senate this fall, and Charles Krauthammer said they should be “picking through the wreckage that is Obamacare.”

“You cover people with pre-existing conditions, young people up to 26, you are not going to cancel the insurance of the assumed million to a million and a half who have signed up, and you work around that and you do good reforms to be Republican and conservative reforms,” said Krauthammer. If Obama wants to veto those reforms, then he will carry the Democrats into 2016 “in really terrible shape,” Krauthammer explained. 

With just under two million people newly insured, Krauthammer questions if the cost of Obamacare was worth it. “The whole idea was about insuring the uninsured, so that’s going to leave about 40 million uninsured,” said Krauthammer.

Six million policies were canceled under Obamacare and millions of people have lost their doctors and hospitals. “The price of this overturning, uprooting, and revolutionizing 1/6th of the economy, the ecosystem of Medicare is staggering, for a million and a half uninsured. Is that the way it should have been done?”