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Kruglik-Obama Photo Scrubbed?

Breitbart News has discovered that a picture of Barack Obama’s old community organizing mentor Mike Kruglik meeting with the president in the White House appears to have been scrubbed from the Building One America website. That picture used to be the first thing to greet new visitors to the site. Now it’s gone. Fortunately, you can see the photo as it was captured by Breitbart a couple of weeks ago here, and in today’s Breitbart story as well.

Readers of my new book, Spreading the Wealth: How Obama is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities, will know that this picture was taken on the day Kruglik’s new community organization, Building One America, held a conference in the White House. That conference was part of an ambitious effort by Obama and Kruglik to undercut the political and economic independence of America’s suburbs. I tell the full story behind the picture in Spreading the Wealth. The tale extends from the decades-long political partnership between Obama and Kruglik right through to the current administration, and ultimately to Obama’s audacious second-term plans.

The suppression of the Kruglik-Obama White House photo joins a long line of similar attempts to expunge evidence of Obama’s radicalism. First came the scrubbing of the Trinity United Church of Christ and Trumpet Magazine websites shortly after the Jeremiah Wright affair broke out. Then came the attempt to block my access to the archives of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, where Obama and Bill Ayers worked together for years. Then came the scrubbing of articles tying Obama to ACORN from the website of the ACORN-run journal, Social Policy. Then came the suppression of the Khalidi tape, which is being withheld from the public, not only by the Los Angeles Times, but by the source who originally gave it to the paper. Then came the lies told by the Obama campaign to cover up his membership in the radical New Party. Then came the bogus denials of the New Party story by Obama’s old colleagues, even after the truth was revealed.

The difference is that this latest episode, as the picture itself graphically suggests, is undeniably about President Obama’s Alinskyite present, not just his past. Obama’s Oval Office meeting with Kruglik was not confined to chatting over old times. It was designed to bring to life the radically redistributive dream that Obama has shared with Kruglik for decades. The scrubbing of that photo also strengthens the case I make in Spreading the Wealth that Kruglik and Obama were working at that meeting to disguise a money trail soon to stretch from the White House to Building One America’s coffers.

Why did Building One America scrub the picture when the Breitbart site had already prominently displayed it two weeks before? I suspect the folks who run the Building One America website didn’t know that the picture had recently been captured by other sites. They may have only just heard about my book and could have acted in the belief that the picture might still be successfully suppressed. That scenario would appear to make more sense than knowingly taking down the photo after it had been widely displayed, which would only tend to confirm that Kruglik and his group have something to hide.

Stanley Kurtz — Stanley Kurtz is a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

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