Labor Day Weekend Begins with Kudlow

He’s back from Tampa and rarin’ to review just what went down in Cigar City. Poor Larry is going to have to wait until tomorrow when, as he does every Saturday, he’ll grace the nation’s airwaves (between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m., Eastern time) with the biggest and brightest political and fiscal minds to discuss campaigns, the economy, and everything in between. Mañana, the Great Kudlow will be joined by Senator Jon Kyl, Vin Weber, Jim Iuorio, Brian Kelly, Dinesh D’Souza, David Malpass, John Tamny, Steve Moore, James Pethokoukis, and John McIntyre, as they assess the highs and lows of the RNC Convention (Qs looking for As: Did Mitt get the job done? Did the GOP get their economic story right? Will it sell? Did they punt on taxes?), plus Dinesh’s 2016 film, the Bernanke Fed and QE3, stock confusion, and much more. Catch the show locally (find a listing of all stations here), or listen via the web (here). Missed a recent show? Don’t worry: You can find Larry and the Gang in the program archives, here.