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Last Word On Gibson For Now

I’ve got to head out for a while and I’ve already got several metric tons of Gibson email to wade through. So this is the last one for now, it’s fairly representative of the backlash and makes some fine points:

Boy, are you wrong. Being on the verge of baseball season, your post and subsequent weasel words are a huge ’swing and a miss’ that can be

felt out here in Chicago, even on a windy day…

If a movie about Jesus’ death was made by, oh, say Oliver Stone, in which distorted facts were spun into a preposterous conspiracy, and we then saw Stone being interviewed in his Dom Perignon-filled swimming pool, high-fiving his financial backers (“I KNEW those Christian suckers would buy into this!), then I too would be upset at the prospect of his making a gazillion dollars. But not so much with Stone as with the idiots who pay him the money.

Gibson clearly didn’t do this as as a financial proposition. I’d wager he expected, at the outset, that he was pretty likely well end up $25mm poorer at the end of it. The fact that he looks to be hitting a gold mine is both a nice snub of Hollywood business acumen, and an opportunity for Gibson to test core beliefs (what would Jesus do if someone dropped a couple hundred million large into his bank account?).

Give him a chance- what with all the defense of the film he’s been undertaking, perhaps he hadn’t yet made plans on how to spend all the profits?

Of course, if he’s filmed high-fiving friends in his Dom-filled pool, you can be sure I won’t be buying the DVD of Lethal Weapon VIII.

Otherwise, keep up the good work- you’re on a roll.

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