London Tonight

Live feed from the Daily Telegraph; it’s not pleasant reading:

00.24 Telegraph sources: Riot units from police forces as far away from London as Cleveland are heading south. Clearly the Met [the London police force] is calling in all the support it can get.

00.20 Twitter reports: A Wetherspoons in Lee has been targetted in a “mass mugging.” Police were rung but did not pick up.

00.16 Birmingham – police have made 35 arrests. The city centre has been over-run by gangs ranging from the age of 10, up to 50-strong. The Armani store has been looted. A man has been shot and wounded in Croydon, Sky reports. Shops along the Camberwell Road from Elephant and Castle have been smashed.

00.09 Wimbledon Guardian reports looters in Colliers Wood had to be rescued by firecrews after becoming trapped under the grill of a sportswear shop. In Chalk Farm, North London, the Guardian’s Paul Lewis reports motorists are being attacked with bricks, with shouts of “Who’s next, man?” There are youths in balaclavas carrying scaffolding poles. One shouted: “Let’s go rob Hampstead.” Countless shops have been looted.

00.01 Police have called in air support from Sussex and Surrey. Shops are burning in Clapham and Notting Hill. Cars have been torched in Fulham Broadway. The Ledbury Michelin-star restaurant in Notting Hill was raided and the diners mugged. There are reports on Twitter of people carrying machetes in Notting Hill and Balham.

There’s more, sadly, much more . . .

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