Lugar: Mourdock Not Qualified to Be a Senator

In an interview with David Brody, Senator Dick Lugar says his opponent, state treasurer Richard Mourdock, isn’t qualified to be a U.S. senator:

David Brody: What is the big difference between you and Richard Mourdock? And why don’t you think Richard Mourdock may be suited to take your job so to speak?

Sen. Richard Lugar: Well, let me just say, frankly, that my opponent does not have the qualifications to be a senator because he simply has not done the homework that’s required to be effective – whether it be on the jobs issue, the economic issues, international issues, whatever they may be. This takes time and effort, and a good staff can be very helpful if you have not done the homework yourself, but our campaign unfortunately has not been one in which we have discussed, really, propositions for jobs or economic security or creation of new opportunities, or problems of America abroad, threats that we face from the rest of the world.

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