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Maya Angelou & The Simpsons

I don’t have much to add to Tim’s post below. I wouldn’t call myself a huge fan of hers — or any other poet of the last 50 years. But she always struck me as a dignified and impressive lady. What did come to mind was her treatment on The Simpsons (I’d hoped she played herself, but apparently not). It was at a book fair, and Angelou was on a panel along with Tom Clancy and Amy Tan. Kent Brockman was moderating:

Kent: Alright, does anyone have a question for our panel that’s not about how much money they make? [Audience’s hands go down]

Lenny: [at microphone] Uh yeah, I’m a techno-thriller junkie, and I’d like to know, is the B-2 bomber more detectible when it rains?

Kent: Oh, what do you think, Tom Clancy?

Clancy: Well, the B-2–

Lenny: No, no, no, I was asking Maya Angelou!

Angelou: The ebony fighter awakens, dabbled with the dewy beads of morn. It is a mach-5 child, forever bound to suckle from the shriveled breast of congress.

Lenny: Oh, Maya, you’re a national treasure!

I should add that while Angelou was describing the B-2, Moe is stunned, exclaiming, “Maya Angelou is black!?”

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