McCain: ‘The King of Jordan Can’t Last’ Without U.S. Intervention in Syria

Senator John McCain is concerned that King Hussein of Jordan “can’t last,” if the Syrian conflict continues without more substantial American intervention.  Speaking on The Situation Room yesterday afternoon, the Arizona Republican told CNN’s Jim Acosta, “Look, the Middle East is about to erupt.  This is turning into a regional conflict: Lebanon is destabilized, Jordan can’t — the king of Jordan can’t last, the conflict is spreading throughout the region, Hezbollah is all in. This is becoming a Sunni-Shia conflict . . . and it’s an unfair fight!”

“We have got to” implement a no-fly zone, McCain insisted, adding that he has already met with the president and argued unsuccessfully for further intervention: “He said he understands my points, and he respects them . . . but obviously he has not agreed.” Calling Obama’s current commitment to supply only light weapons to the rebellion “shameful,” the senator emphasized the potential strategic benefits of ousting Syrian dictator Bashar Assad: “It’s a great blow to Iran — the greatest in twenty-five years, and they’re cut off from Hezbollah, which would mean that Hezbollah would die on the vine.”


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