Memory Lane

While searching for something else, I found this fun little nugget from the Charlie Rose show in March of 2007. For your amusement:

CHARLIE ROSE: You`ve also advised Rahm Emanuel. Rahm Emanuel, a congressman from Chicago, faces a very difficult choice, which I asked him about recently, and I don`t think he`s made the choice, at least publicly, whether he supports Hillary Clinton or whether he supports Barack Obama. Was this a difficult choice for you?

DAVID AXELROD: Well, you know, it wasn`t a difficult choice in that I really believe that Barack is what the country needs at this time. I think he represents the turning of the page that we need in this country.

I have enormous affection and respect for Senator Clinton. She`s been a great friend to me personally. I`ve worked with her professionally. I think she`s an extraordinarily talented, formidable person. I have nothing bad to say about her. And if she turns out to be the nominee, I`ll be the first one to enlist, because, you know, I feel we`d be a — a better country under her leadership than what we`ve had, and we need new leadership.

But Barack is a unique figure in our politics. He is someone who I think can get us past some of the divisions that we’ve had that have so riven our politics. I think he is someone who can challenge this sort of special-interests bazaar that we’ve had in Washington, and that`s what we need.

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