Michele, Ma Belle, Tolls for Thee…

Rich, since you mention it, I mourn the collapse of Mrs. Bachmann’s campaign. I know the insiders’ rap on her — she’s had 47 foster children but 53 chiefs of staff, etc — but I thought in the debates she punched above her weight, and she got the urgency. She understands that this November is the last chance for serious course correction. I’m not sure how many others do. I’m grateful for the times she cited my book, while obviously regretting that the frequency of citations proved to be inversely proportional to her poll numbers. Funny how that works. Also, I find her rather hot, which is more than I can say about Ron Paul or Newt, or even Jon Huntsman when he does that open-necked shirt thing.

But, as Jonah says, we’re all settling this season. Rick Santorum is a wee bit too far down the compassionate-conservative end for my tastes, but he gave (as Newt would say) an extraordinarily remarkably profoundly good speech last night. Maggie got the right adjective: “grounded” — very real, very secure, very grown-up. Mitt did himself no favors by dashing on immediately afterwards and burbling cheesy stump-speech boilerplate. As readers will know, I broadly agree with Santorum that, ultimately, culture trumps economics — or, as he puts it, you can’t have limited government and a strong economy without strong families. But no doubt by the time the media are through with him that will be assumed to mean he has a secret plan to lock up the sodomites.

Rick-wise, I’m glad the guy who pledges to make Washington as irrelevant to our lives as possible is staying in, and even more pleased to find that he’s been rehearsing the title song from Mel Brooks’ Men In Tights. Just what he needs at this stage.

But, as things stand, it looks like just another November in which the GOP have to figure out a way to drag their guy across the finish line. Plus ça change . . .

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