Michelle Obama: ‘We Love to Embarrass’ Our Kids

The apples seem to have fallen at least a little far from the tree a bit, First Lady Michelle Obama says of her daughters Malia and Sasha. While Michelle and her husband have been known to hit the entertainment circuit and rub elbows with celebrities, their daughters are apparently more camera shy.

“My kids are not star kids — they do not seek the limelight, they want to be far away from us,” the president’s wife told Michael Strahan at Monday’s White House Easter Egg Roll.

But, as parents, the Obamas aren’t afraid to threaten their daughters with their own performing abilities when the girls aren’t behaving.

“We love to embarrass them,” Obama said. From time to time, she and the president will threaten to publicly start dancing and singing, respectively, to get the girls to shape up.

“If they’re looking a little uninvolved in an event, I’ll just lean over and be like, ‘If you don’t smile, I’m going to start dancing, I’m going to start dancing,’” the first lady said.