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“I’m still getting about a half dozen angry emails a day from Canadians and two or three positive ones. Here’s a fun angry one (yes, the comstockish asteriks are mine):

Yeah sh*thead, we apologize for even you a**holes’ enjoyment in blowing everyone up. Typical american war-mongering rhetoric, who can we carpet bomb next, gotta keep our arms manufacturers rich! We’d all much rather be the UN’s good son for MORAL reasons, many of us have the opinion we should pull out of NATO and NORAD all together and just concentrate on peacekeeping, we have priorities up here that do not include stomping on anyone who doesn’t bow down to us, oh, and Chretien could win another majority election because we all agree you deserved it and your president IS a moron, something, by the way, that has gotten more press coverage down there than your dumb-a** pilot’s friendly fire incident, or have you not heard about that? Keep up the good work, the less friendly terms we are on the better.”

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