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More on Canadian “Human RIghts” Tribunals

Gay Patriot has a great post up on the Canadian “human rights” tribunals that’s well worth reading. Specifically, he takes on the case of the Rev. Stephen Boissoin, who has been barred for life by a Canadian kangaroo court for saying anything “disparaging” about gay people court for the crime of writing a letter to the editor of an Alberta newspaper calling gay people “wicked.” (I’ve discussed this a bit before here and will be writing about it a little bit more in the upcoming NRODT.)

Obviously, Gay Patriot’s perspective on this case is especially useful. His conclusion is that free speech works for everybody, no matter whether you disagree:

If governments prevent anti-gay ministers like Mr. Boissoin from publicly expressing their ideas, it will become increasingly difficult for gay advocates to develop arguments to challenge them.

We don’t win the battle of ideas by silencing our opponents, but by engaging them. And we can only engage them if we know what they are saying.

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