More Insurance-Policy Cancellations Reported over the Weekend

Insurance cancellation notices resulting from Obamacare’s minimum-coverage requirements will continue to pour in.

In Kentucky, 280,000 people will lose policies that do not meet Obamacare’s minimum-coverage requirements. According to the Kentucky Department of Insurance, there will be 130,000 people losing individual policies and 150,000 more will lose their group policies.

In Alaska, the state’s largest insurer, Premera, has sent cancellation notices to 5,360 people, over half its individual policy holders.

In Alabama, roughly 90,000 people will need to find new policies, a figure which the Associated Press compiled by contacting the state’s major insurers—the state Department of Insurance said it didn’t have figures on the issue. Of that number, 87,000 were policy holders with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama.

Both Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama and Premera in Alaska said they were automatically enrolling people with cancelled policies into ones that comply with Obamacare.