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The Morning After

My sense is that what most Americans will remember about Sarah Palin last night was her poise.  She’s been put through the spin cycle for a week, her family has been dragged through the mud, and she came out last night with spunk, if not fire. This was just a speech, but oh, what a speech. It was important that she present herself well last night, and there is little question she did. The leftie talking points about the unremarkable fact that she had speechwriter (and a good one — well done, Scully) is evidence that they are concerned about that poise. Can’t attack the presentation? Then belittle the presenter.   But given that the entirety of Obama’s persona, apart from the uplifted chin, is his speechifying, I have a hard time seeing how this line of attack helps them. Does anyone really think that Obama writes all of his speeches? If they spend ten minutes watching him speak off the cuff, they would be disabused of that notion. He may have met his match in the speaking department, but Palin’s style is so much more everyday American and thus likely to connect with people who don’t want to be inspired but simply reassured that their government will be in good hands.

My favorite thing about her was the voice, though. She has the whole Edie McClurg vibe going.  I’d link to my favorite Edie McClurg scene ever, the Steve Martin rental car counter scene in Planes, Trains and Automobiles, but this is a family show.  

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