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I’ll have more thoughts about the changes around here in tomorrow’s G-File. (I think. I never know where that thing will go until I start writing it.) Still, I thought I should say a few things here. First, congratulations. Redesigns are always a miserable process, with miserable meetings where the suits insist that we need to get an extra ten pounds of crap into an already bursting five pound bag. Fortunately for me, I didn’t have to deal too much with this one — which is by far the most ambitious redesign we’ve ever undertaken. But I know how hard the folks behind the curtain worked. At the handful of meetings I attended, I had only one non-negotiable demand: “We have to have a really huge, visually jarring, picture of Miley Cyrus dominate the homepage.” I said it over and over again, and Rich finally relented. I didn’t even want an article to go with it. Indeed, my preference was to have a picture of Cyrus alongside a piece on nuclear negotiations with Iran. But Rich forced me to compromise on that point. (I’m hoping Rich will keep his promise to have a huge splashy image of fornicating goats and Joe Biden in a leather onesie on the homepage tomorrow alongside our piece on Chesterton’s fence.)

Last, I want to thank all of you. I’ve heard from a lot of people about the site and what it meant to them, particularly in response to Kathryn’s informal history of NRO. I can’t speak for anyone else at NR, but I know in my heart I’m speaking for pretty much everyone here when I say that the one enduring thing that has made NRO and now, simply, (it’ll always be NRO to me by the way) such a labor of love for us is you people (or almost all of you). I have no doubt that you’ll find things to complain about the new design. But I also know that the criticisms will come from affection (well, almost all of them) and many of them will be very, very, insightful. I’ve learned more from readers of NRO than I could possibly relay. And, without you, we’d be nothing. So thank you. 

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