New York City Event This Friday

This coming Friday (November 12), the Mercatus Center is co-hosting an event with the Institute for Humane Studies: “Advancing Liberty: Creating Change.” If you are in the area and would be interested in joining us, you are more than welcome to.

The event is from noon to 6:00 p.m., with registration opening at 11:30. Our keynote speaker will be Steve Moore of the Wall Street Journal editorial board. He will assess what’s in store for the economy post-election. Several other scholars, such as state pension expert Eileen Norcross  and policy expert Josh Barro of the Manhattan Institute, will give talks, and I’ll be speaking about how we can tackle the alarming growth of government with solutions to the spending problem. Tyler Cowen, economist at George Mason University and blogger at Marginal Revolution, will be there, too.

I hope that if you are in New York, you can attend.

There is a $50 charge per person for this event, but if you mention that you’re responding because of this posting, you’ll receive a discounted registration rate of $25.  To register for this event, please contact Megan Gandee at or by phone at 703.993.4967.

Veronique de Rugy — Veronique de Rugy is a senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. Her primary research interests include the U.S. economy, the federal budget, homeland security, taxation, ...