No Cheers For The Senators

This afternoon’s 7-5 victory of the Washington Nationals over the Pittsburgh Pirates (completing a series sweep and improving the Nationals’ first-place record to a lofty 47-31) reminds me how grateful I am to Mayor Anthony Williams for sparing me the burden of cheering for a team called the Senators.

Mayor Williams, you may recall, objected to the name Senators on the ground that Washington, D.C., does not have any representation in the U.S. Senate. Nor, of course, does any other city have its own senators. (D.C., unlike any other city, does have three electoral votes, but no one complaining about D.C.’s lack of representation ever seems to mention that.) Nor, I think, are there any real giants in San Francisco.

But setting aside the dubious merits of Mayor Williams’ objection, I am delighted that he prevailed. My eight-year-old son, displaying the contrary spirit that his genetic makeup has endowed him with, had responded to my being a lifelong Dodgers fan by adopting the Giants as his favorite team. In order to cure him of this vice, I had promised him that if D.C. acquired a team, I would abandon the Dodgers and cheer for D.C.’s team if he abandoned the Giants. Agreement reached, I then realized that he and I might have to cheer for the Senators—a prospect that my level of regard for so many senators made particularly dreadful and that I feared could deform my son’s character.

So thanks, Mayor Williams—and go, Nats!

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