A Non-Election Post: We Are Not Doomed

With all due apologies to Derb, on this day of hope for conservatives, we can also highlight a longer-lasting and more profound hope than that presented by even the most optimistic election scenarios. After all, faith and culture matter more than politics.

November is National Adoption Month (no, I’m not a big fan of government-designated “months,” but we’ll roll with it), and it’s worth highlighting some truly remarkable individuals who are doing everything they can to bring hope to the hopeless.

Over at SixSeeds.tv, a family “e-zine” my wife edits, they’re spending the month highlighting the stories of adoptive families. There’s the American couple in Uganda who vowed to help every single baby who was alone in the local hospital, and brought home 52 children in four years, nursing them back to health and eventually adopting two children of their own. Then there’s another family who adopted a child and also care for 600 widows and orphans in Zambia.

But you don’t have to care for dozens or hundreds to inspire. Adoption brings hope after the pain of infertility, and it completes families in spite of staggering medical problems.

My wife and I adopted this year, bringing home a precious little girl from Ethiopia. During that process, we met some remarkable families, and learned — once again — that our culture, even with its many problems, by God’s grace still produces selfless citizens. I’m humbled to know many of these men and women and delighted to know their children.

Unfortunately, however, adoption is expensive — especially international adoption. SixSeeds is helping defray that cost by giving $2 per commenter on a family’s story to the adoption charity of the family’s choice and by giving away $2,000 towards adoption expenses to one commenting family.

Read the stories, comment on an article, and know there are many thousands more families like those highlighted, families who — to borrow a phrase from my pastor — push back against the consequences of the Fall and provide loving homes for the “least of these.”

David French — David French is a senior writer for National Review, a senior fellow at the National Review Institute, and a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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