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From a reader:

I agree. Plumegate is going nowhere. For one thing Fitzgerald said the investigation was nearly finished, and in fact he was trying to wrap it up by Friday.

More importantly since Fitzgerald didn’t indict the most guilty one, Libby, on a “real” crime, he won’t indict anyone for outing Plume or leaking classified information. Also, he didn’t charge Bob Novak or anyone who leaked to him. In fact I personally believe that his baseball analogy was sending that message that this is a political fight, with the two teams trading knockdown punches, and he is getting out of it.

So if Fitz isn’t going to charge about the underlying leaks, he is not going to keep a running investigation going just to generate perjury and obstruction charges. Some have said that he will squeeze Libby and Rove over the next couple of weeks, and he probably will, but with no underlying crimes there really isn’t anything to squeeze out of them.

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