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Not So Fast on Geert Wilders …

And I don’t say that just because my weekend column is about what a travesty the prosecution is. As Dan points out, Dutch prosecutors have recommended that he be acquitted across the board (i.e., on the incitement to hatred against Muslims charges in addition to the insulting Muslims charge that they had previously moved to dismiss). As Dan also notes in the update of his post, it is the usual course of things that the judges follow the prosecutors’ recommendation.

But, when I say “the usual course of things,” I am talking about the standard operating procedure of the Netherlands’ justice system in general, not in the Geert Wilders prosecution in particular.

Prosecutors never wanted to bring the case against Geert. In 2008, the office of the public prosecutor declined to charge him. The lunatic judges are the ones who’ve been behind this all along, representative as they are of the transnational progressive thinking responsible for having such “crimes” on the books in the first place. In 2009, the Dutch Court of Appeals issued an order essentially overruling the prosecutors and ordering that Wilders be charged. That could not happen in the U.S. federal system — at least for now — because, under separation of powers principles, prosecutorial discretion is vested absolutely in the executive branch. The judiciary can inveigh, but judges can’t force the Justice Department to charge anyone. But in the Netherlands, the court gets the last word.

I ardently hope this awful case is dropped. But there will be no sigh of relief here until the judges finally stand down.

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