NYT Book Review

So here I was this morning, minding my own business, finally getting to John Bolton’s (tremendous) new book, Surrender Is Not an Option, (which I have looked forward to with an anticipation similar to that caused by a new book by some guy named Jonah Something-or-Other), when what to my wandering eyes should appear — with today’s newspapers — but this weekend’s New York Times Book Review, which is [drum-roll ] the Islam Issue.  Tariq Ramadan, naturally, leads the pack. 

I see there is at least some effort at balance — Irshad Manji, Fouad Ajami and (my personal favorite) Ayaan Hirsi Ali.  I had a hopeful frisson when I saw the name Dalrymple on the cover, but, alas, it is William, not Theodore (I hasten to add I have nothing against William, and his review of the Adventures of Amir Hamza seems, on a quick skim, interesting).  Naturally, though, Bat Ye’or, Robert Spencer, Daniel Pipes, Bruce Thornton, Andrew Bostom, et al, need not apply.

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