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Obama and European Terror Policies

President Obama’s speech brimmed over with empathy, enthusiasm, and admiration for the Arab-Muslim rebels of the Middle East and North Africa, in concordance with his previous Cairo speech. He nevertheless recognized that terrorism and hostage taking necessitated a change in America policy to avoid “a deepening spiral of division between the United Sates and Muslim communities.” This means surrendering to the jihadist terror war, at least in the way that European leaders have done so since the 1970s.

There are many similarities between the two cases. See, for example, Obama’s conviction that supporting Middle East reforms is America’s top priority and should be translated into concrete actions through all its “diplomatic, economic and strategic tools.” This plan repeats the strategy on the Mediterranean region adopted by the EU in June 2000. Likewise, providing these populations with billions in aid reproduces the EU Barcelona Declaration from 1995. Those optimistic policies take as a model economic development in Europe, where societies are totally different than in the Muslim world. The words “reforms,” “justice,”  and “democracy,” taken in their Islamic interpretation, would lead to an Islamist empire.

From the president of the most powerful Western country, one would expect some concern and support for the rights and security of religious minorities, particularly ethnic Christian communities. One would also expect support for Kurdish and Berber requests for human, national, and cultural rights.

Conditions should be linked to support, including gender equality and an end to the indoctrination of hate against Israel, the West, Jews, and Christians. In the Arab–Israeli conflict, it should be acknowledged that the Arab-refugee problem was the consequence of the unsuccessful Arab wars in 1948 and 1967, which were conducted with the goal of destroying Israel and the active collaboration of the local Arabs. Those wars created an even higher number of Jewish refugees from Arab countries, including Judea and Samaria, whose Jews suffered massacres and expulsions and, under Jordanian occupation, had all their assets confiscated by Arab Palestinians. And that’s not to mention the Jewish refugees from other Arab countries who were expelled after massacres, rapes, and persecutions.

The request for “a sense of humility,” coupled with the lavish distribution of billions taken from American taxpayers, leaves one with the conviction that dhimmitude is extending its dark night over this American Munich.

— Bat Ye’or is the author of the forthcoming book Europe, Globalization and the Coming Universal Caliphate, Farleigh Dickinson University Press.

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