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Obama Arrested for Drunk Driving in Massachusetts!

No, not that Obama, silly. Boston talkmeister Michael Graham points to the story of Onyango Obama, a 67-year-old illegal alien from Kenya, arrested Wednesday night in Framingham for drunk driving after he almost crashed into a police car. The original news story reports that he had been ordered deported but absconded, along with hundreds of thousands of others whom the immigration service has announced it will no longer look for. Presumably he was identified by a means other than Secure Communities, which has not been activated in that jurisdiction, because of the governor’s opposition.

But even if Secure Communities were operational there, it might not matter, because it’s up to the immigration authorities to decide whether to pick up the identified illegal alien, and under the other Obama’s management, the bar has been set pretty high for deportation. That’s especially salient in Massachusetts in the wake of last week’s hit-and-run killing of an American man by a drunk-driving, repeat-offending, illegal alien criminal who had never been referred to ICE despite arrests for assaulting a police officer and breaking and entering. Here’s Graham:

Unfortunately, even if we did have a governor who cared more about public safety than politics, it apparently wouldn’t make any difference. Fox 25 here in Boston reports that they contacted ICE about the killer in Milford and were told that, even if he had been referred to them, the crimes of resisting arrest, assault and B&E “aren’t necessarily serious enough to warrant deportation under current policy.”

Get that — resisting arrest, assault, and B&E are not “serious” crimes arrest for which would lead ICE to request a hold be put on the perp pending deportation. This isn’t the fault of the ICE agents in the field — it’s this administration’s exercise of “prosecutorial discretion”, which is to say, administrative amnesty. (See the ICE agents’ union’s condemnation of the “backdoor amnesty” policy here.)

Mark Krikorian — Mark Krikorian, a nationally recognized expert on immigration issues, has served as Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) since 1995.

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