Obama Camp: Why Is Romney Associating with Trump?

A new video from the Obama campaign highlights Donald Trump’s refusal to believe that Barack Obama was born in the United States:

Mitt Romney is holding a fundraiser tonight in Las Vegas featuring Trump, and his campaign is running a “Dine with the Donald” promotion. Asked about his association with Trump yesterday, Romney said, “I don’t agree with all the people who support me and my guess is they don’t all agree with everything I believe in. But I need to get 50.1% or more, and I’m appreciative to have the help of a lot of good people,” 

Trump responded to the Obama campaign’s attack with this tweet: “.@BarackObama is practically begging @MittRomney to disavow the place of birth movement, he is afraid of it and for good reason. He keeps using @SenJohnMcCain as an example, however, @SenJohnMcCain lost the election. Don’t let it happen again.”  Asked about birtherism on CNBC this morning, Trump said, “Nothing’s changed my mind.”

“Look,” he continued, “a publisher came out last week and had a statement about Obama given to them by Obama when he was doing a book as a young man a number of years ago in the nineties: ‘Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia.’” Trump was referencing a biography found by Breitbart.com earlier this month.

Katrina Trinko — Katrina Trinko is a political reporter for National Review. Trinko is also a member of USA TODAY’S Board of Contributors, and her work has been published in various media outlets ...

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