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The Paramount Liberal Goal: Re-elect Obama

The liberal angst about Obama seems profoundly misplaced to me. Liberals should care about one thing and one thing only: Re-electing Obama. If he gets re-elected, it means Obamacare is probably never repealed. Since health care is an enormous driver of the federal budget and huge portion of the economy, keeping Obamacare in place will give the left an important foothold on the commanding heights of the debate over the size and influence of the government. With Obama as president, it’s likely that the current fight over whether government is 24 percent of GDP or 18 percent of GDP settles toward the former. What liberals don’t seem to realize is that 2009 was a historic year for them–to be able to spend and regulate so much in a basically center-right country was extraordinary. Now, all their energy should be devoted to protecting the legacy of ‘09. Fortunately, their unreasonableness may get the best of them. Katrina vanden Heuvel writes in the Washington Post that Obama basically must be the Lincoln and FDR of anti-conservatism. I fear, though, that as debates over House Republican spending cuts and over the repeal of Obamacare take hold next year, liberals will bond again with Obama as better than the alternative.

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