Pence Sidesteps Questions About 2016 Presidential Bid

Indiana governor Mike Pence is raising his national profile, but, at least for now, he isn’t answering any questions about a possible presidential bid in 2016, telling Fox News’s Chris Wallace on Sunday that he is fully focused on “the future of the people of Indiana” and with helping his fellow GOP governors get reelected. 

Several conservative leaders pleaded with Pence, a former six-term congressman, to mount a presidential bid in 2012. He ran for governor instead, and how he’s frequently mentioned as a dark-horse contender for the 2016 nomination. 

In Indiana, Pence has cut taxes, expanded school vouchers, and, perhaps most controversially, withdrawn the state from the Common Core educational standards. He is now taking heat from conservatives for the standards his administration proposed as an alternative. Pence — and all of these matters — are the subject of a recent National Review piece.

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