Perry’s Ties to Merck

Yesterday, the Los Angeles Times reported that Rick Perry had received more than the $5,000 he mentioned specifically at the debate from Merck, the company which manufactured the HPV vaccine he required sixth grade girls to get via executive order. Today, the Houston Chronicle and San Antonio Express-News look further at possible financial connections between Merck, Perry, and Mike Toomey, the former Perry chief of staff who was lobbying for Merck at the time of the vaccine:


According to a new report by Texans for Public Justice, the pharmaceutical giant [Merck] also has kicked in $377,000 to the Republican Governor’s Association since 2006, the year Perry became involved as a driving force behind the organization’s fundraising. The RGA has given Perry $4 million, more than any other source of funds during his decade in office, according to TPJ.

Toomey has contributed more than $48,000 to Texans for Rick Perry since 2000. He also serves as a lobbyist for other corporations and groups with political action committees that have been generous to both Perry and the Republican Governor’s Association, a position that offers him considerable clout in Austin.

Full piece here.

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