Pfeiffer: Republicans Helped Us Raise Taxes a Few Years Ago, They Might Again

White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer thinks some Republicans will be amenable to President Obama’s proposal to increase more taxes. Obama is expected to outline his plan to raise $320 billion during the next ten years at his State of the Union address on Tuesday. On CBS’s Face the Nation, Pfeiffer indicated that Republicans’ willingness to allow tax hikes in the past gave him hope that they would do so once again.

“A few years ago people would have said we had no chance to get the Republicans to agree to raise taxes on the very wealthy, back to the level they were under Bill Clinton, and we succeeded in doing that so we’re going to push very hard,” Pfeiffer said. “There are legislative proposals in this State of the Union, also a lot of executive actions where we can help middle-class families right now.”

Pfeiffer explained that components of the president’s plan have previously garnered Republican support, and expressed his desire to work with the GOP to raise taxes once again.

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